Popeyes Hours- Opening, Closing, Sunday & Holiday Hours

It was almost 49 years ago when Popeyes started its journey in New Orleans. They were one small restaurant with big ideas to make it very successful across America and around the world! In this article, we’ll share what you need for opening hours at your local popeye’s outlet as well as their closing times on Sundays/holidays so that everyone can know how long they are open shop each day of week or not available depending if it falls within those days.

Popeyes is a leading American Fast food chain after KFC. Before visiting Popeyes or any other restaurant you must check their Opening, Closing, Sunday & Holiday Hours. It can help you to save your time and fuel.

Popeyes Hours- Opening & Closing

Popeyes Hours

It is a top fast-food restaurant in the United States and they start working from late morning to Midnight. Opening and closing hours also depend on the business location. Below we share the Opening and Closing hours. Every morning Popeyes open at 10 am and close their restaurant in the late evening at 11 pm.

Opening Hours

Monday10 am
Tuesday10 am
Wednesday10 am
Thursday10 am
Friday10 am
Saturday10 am
Sunday10 am

Most of the Popeyes locations follow the same business opening hours.

Closing Hours

This leading fast food restaurant is available for the whole week and weekends. Before the visit, you must check their closing time.

Most of the Popeyes restaurant is run by the individual franchise owner. So the closing hours totally depend on the business owners and business location. But most of the Popeyes follow the same closing hours. According to the Official site information, most Popeyes close their business hours at 11 Pm. Below we mention the list.

Monday11 Pm
Tuesday11 Pm
Wednesday11 Pm
Thursday11 Pm
Friday12 am
Saturday12 am

Before a visit to your near Popeyes, you can call at 877 767 3937.

Is Popeyes Close on Sunday?

No, Popeyes offers services on Weekends or Sundays also. Their opening and closing hours are the same as other regular hours.

Popeyes Holiday Hours

Popeyes Hours

On Public Holidays, this restaurant is available to serve its customers with minor exceptions. They adjust their working hours rather than close completely.

During the Public holiday’s Popeyes open late or close early in the United States. Below mention holidays Popeyes open their door.

New Year EveningMemorial Day
President DayBlack Friday
New Year’s DayLabor Day
Veterans DayColumbus Day
Labor DayThanksgiving Day

In the whole years, they close their door only two holidays

Christmas DayEaster Sunday

Customer Care of Popeyes

Popeyes Holiday Hours

To know more information about this leading fast-food franchise you can contact their Customer support team.


Miami, Florida, United States

Phone Number– 877 767 3937

Official Website– www.popeyes.com

Company Information

Almost 49 years ago this company started its journey. Currently, Popeyes becomes a leading fast-food chain franchise behind the KFC in the U.S. and World.

In 1972, they opens Chicken on the Run in the New Orleans Suburb of Arabi.

They open their first franchise in Louisiana in 1976.

In the United States Popeyes is the second-largest fried chicken restaurant. They operate the more than 40 US States and 30 countries globally.

They have more than 3000 restaurants in the United States. Popeyes has a total of 2130 employee and their products include Fried Chickens, Biscuits, Seafood, Vegetables, Cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions of Popeyes Hours

Some frequently asked questions

1〉 What time did Popeyes close during Holiday?

This leading restaurant opens on almost all public holidays. Only two holidays Christmas Day and Easter day they close their door in the whole year. On the other public holidays, they can adjust their Hours.

2〉 What are the regular Popeyes Closing Time?

It totally depends on the business locations and every Popeyes franchise is run by the individual franchise owner. But most of the Popeyes locations are follow the same closing time 11 pm. For more accurate information you can visit the official site.


In this article, we share Popeye’s opening Hours, closing hours, Holiday hours, and contact information. You can also follow Popeye’s official Facebook pageInstagram Page.

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