Keller Animal Clinic Address, Hours, Phone Number

Keller Animal Clinic is a full-service routine vet clinic that provides the best vet care located in Keller, Texas. The clinic is located in downtown Keller, Texas. The staff are highly committed to providing top-quality treatment for your pet.

Keller Animal Clinic Address/ Hours

The address is

Keller, Texas

To schedule an appointment call- 817 431 1213

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Keller Animal Clinic Services

Their services include

Canine & Feline DentistryNutritional Services
Preventative Healthcare ProgramPermanent Identification
Radiology ServicesSurgical Services
Pharmaceutical NeedsOver-the-Counter medications, Vitamins, Supplements
Routine Vaccine AdministrationInternational TravelHealth Certificates
Laboratory work & DiagnosticsDermatologyParasite Screening

Keller Animal Clinic Doctors & Staff

Keller Animal Clinic Doctors

Their doctors and staff include

Dr. Betsy Murdock

Dr. Betsy is a lead veterinary doctor at the animal clinic. Murdock completed her graduation from Oklahoma State University in 2014. Dr. Betsy’s professional interests include Preventive medicine, Pain Management, Internal medicine. In her spare time, Betsy enjoys baking and Hiking.

Dr. Jessica Walters

Dr. Jessica is a veterinary doctor at this animal clinic. Walters wanted to become a veterinary doctor since her childhood. From Louisiana Tech University Jessica completed her Bachelor in Animal Science. In 2017 Dr. Jessica completed her DVM at Louisiana State University.

Dr. Carly Berggreen

Dr. Carly is a veterinary doctor at this animal clinic. From LSU school of veterinary medicine, Carly completed her graduation. Dr. Carly’s special interests include Opthalmology, dermatology, internal medicine.

Sarah Beth McMillian

Sarah Beth is a practice manager at the Keller Animal Clinic. Beth has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Nutrition & also a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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Nancy Stroud

Nancy is a client care specialist at this animal clinic. She has 21 years of experience in the Veterinary field. Nancy’s native place is Halton city, Texas. In her free time, nancy love to enjoy with her grandchildren, cooking, gardening.

Annette McKinney

Annette also a Client care specialist. She really loves cats. She belongs to North Carolina. In her spare time, she loves to play puzzles and read books.

Parker Stansel

Parker is a lead technician at this animal clinic. In the Veterinary field, she has more than 15 years of experience. From Texas A&M she completed her graduation in Agricultural Communications and Journalism.

DJ Davidson

Davidson completed her veterinary technician from Oklahoma State University and completed her bachelor’s degree in science. She receives her veterinary technician degree from Murry State College.

Whitney Tibbetts

Whitney is a professional veterinary technician at this animal clinic. In 2017 she started working at the Keller Animal Clinic.

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