KC Care Clinic Locations, Services & Doctors

KC care clinic was discovered by a wide range of residents in the year 1971. Kc Care Clinic was founded in order to serve the needs of seniors, students Veterans as well as Hippies living in the region. The primary goal was “a healthy hippie is happy hippie’.

The clinic’s first name is ‘Old Stone House’ but in 1986 the clinic moved to the city east side and changing the name to the Kansas city free health clinic. There the clinic was relentless in its mission providing volunteer suppliers with various services needed, asking patients to donate whatever they could.

In 1997 the KC care clinic has introduced behavioral health services to address their patient’s emotional needs in a Holistic way. During that time the clinic had a budget of 2.5 Million and more than 450 Volunteers. They needed more space soon.

In 2008 the clinic has reached a milestone of 100 staff and 1000 Volunteers.

In 2018 after months of strategic planning and community evaluation, stakeholders no longer accurately represent the scope or quality of KC care services with the term ‘Clinic’. The name was changed to the KC care health center to increase organizational growth and community impact.

KC Care Clinic Locations

1〉 Homeroom Health

KC care clinic

They provide service to infants, children, teens, and young adults.

1106 E. 30th Street- Suite B (map)

Kansas City, MO 64109


Monday to Friday- 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

2〉 Midtown

KC care clinic

3515 Broadway (map)

Kansas City, MO 64111


Monday to Friday- 8:30 am to 8:00 PM

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm (appointment only)

Sunday- Closed

Pharmacy Time

Monday to Friday- 8:30 am to 5 pm

Every day pharmacy closed from- 12:30 pm to 1 pm

Pharmacy Ph No- 816 777 2709

Pharmacy Fax- 816 777 0361

Refill Line- 816 777 2725

3〉 Research Medical Campus

KC care clinic

2340 E. Meyer Boulevard (map)

(Building 1) step 200

Kanas City, MO 64132


Monday to Friday- 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday- Closed

Sunday- Closed

4〉 Northeast


4601 Independence Ave. (map)

Kansas City, MO 64124


Monday to Friday- 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday- Closed

Sunday- Closed

If you have any medical emergencies call 911 or if you established patient and have an urgent concern or question call – 913 676 6061.

KC Care Clinic Health care services

They offer treatment for illness, injury, and infection to help you heal and stay healthy. They provide care for all with or without insurance.

Acute Care

KC Care Clinic provides service short term illness include






Skin infections and Rashes

Upper Respiratory Infection

Urinary tract infections

Chronic Care

They provide services long term illness includes



High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol



Chronic Pain Syndrome

Vicki Clinic-women heart health

HIV care

KC Care Clinic is a national leader in HIV primary care offering comprehensive treatment.


KC clinic services for childrens includes


Check-Ups/well Child Visit

Sick Child Visits

Pediatrics dental Care

Back to school and sports Physicals

Adults and Senior Care

Their age-appropriate services include

Lab work

Well-woman Exams

Testing & Screening

Access to specialty care

Seasonal vaccines

Specialty care

KC care staff and volunteers provide

Chiropractic care

Cardiac care

Hepatitis C treatment

KC Care Clinic Providers

Their providers include

Dr. Craig Dietz, DO, AAHIVM

Dr. Craig Dietz, DO, AAHIVM


American Academy of HIV Medicine- Certified

Master of Public Health: University of Kansas

Medical Degree- Oklahoma State University

Dr. Blair Thedinger, MD, AAHIVM

KC Care Clinic


Santa Clara University- Graduated 2004

University of Kansas School of medicine- Graduate 2008

Michelle Goss

Michelle Goss





Audrey Lasley

KC Care Clinic


Postgraduate degree university of central Missouri

Courtney Loebsack

Courtney Loebsack


Registered Medical Assistant

Associates Degree in Applied Science

Lisa Woodring

KC Care Clinic

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MSW

Registered Nurse, BSN

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller

FNP-C, Board certified in family practice by AANP

Sarah Potter, PA-C

KC Care Clinic

Master of medical science, Physician Assistant Studies-St. Louis University 2002

BS in Biology- Creighton University 2010

Dr. Margaret Boehm D.D.S

Dr. Margaret Boehm D.D.S

Bachelor of Sciences- Biological Science from the University of Missouri

Doctorate of Dental surgery from Missouri University.

Susan Padilla

KC Care Clinic

Nitrous Oxide Administration

Expanded Function Certified in Orthodontics, Prosthetics

Mary Chiesi

Mary Chiesi

B.S in Dental Hygiene at the University of Missouri- Kansas City

State License, Missouri/State License, Kansas/Nitrous Oxide/ Local Anesthesia

Dr. Katherine Dumbell, DDS

KC Care Clinic


Bachelor of Science- Biomedical Sciences and Psychology- Southeast State Missouri University

Master of Science- Cellular, and Molecular Biology

Doctorate of Dental Surgery- the University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Dentistry

Noah Mccarty


Master of Social work

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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