Ridgetop Animal Hospital Silverdale Hours, Address

Ridgetop Animal Hospital provides a variety of pet care services for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Guinee Pigs, Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Rodents, Reptiles, Snakes, Frogs, Geckos, Turtle, Tortoise and Chameleons. The hospital’s animal services include an extensive array of diagnostic procedures using the in-house laboratory tests. The animal hospital is endorsed by AAHA.

Ridgetop Animal Hospital Silverdale Hours/ Address

The address is

1193 NW Tahoe Ln (map)

Silverdale, WA 98383

Phone Number- 360 692 7387

Fax Number- 360 698 7363

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7 am to 8 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 5 pm

Sunday- Closed

Ridgetop Animal Hospital Services

Ridgetop Animal Hospital

Their services include

General Wellness

DentistryDiet & Nutrition
Parasite ControlWellness & Preventive Care
VaccinationsMicrochippingPAW Plans

Diagnostic Services

Laboratory ServicesAllergies

Surgery Services

Spay & NeuterSoft Tissue Surgery
Orthopedic SurgeryCat Declawing

Travel Certificates

Domestic Health Certificates

International Health Certificate

End of Life Care



Ridgetop Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors include

1〉 Dr. Kathrine Yunker

Dr. Kathrine native of Edmonds, WA. In 2014 Dr. Kathrine completed her undergraduate degree from Colorado State University.

Veterinary Degree

From Ohio State University college of veterinary medicine

Dr. Kathrine’s veterinary interests include ultrasound, nutrition, and Business Management.


Hiking, Yoga, Cross Stitch, Gardening

2〉 Dr. Mark Ottinger

Dr. Mark is a certified veterinary doctor and works at this animal clinic.

3〉 Dr. Zingeheim-Nadeau

Dr. Zingeheim was born and grew up in Lansing, Michigan. From Kalamazoo College, Dr. Nadeau completed her undergraduate degree.

Veterinary Degree

Michigan State University in 2013

Dr. Nadeau’s veterinary interests include internal medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Opthalmology.

4〉 Dr. Kathleen Sutten

Dr. Kathleen is a native of Bainbridge Island. In 2006 Dr. Kathleen completed her graduation from Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Veterinary Degree

Washington state university college of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Sutten’s professional interests include critical care, surgery, ophthalmology, and emergency medicine.

5〉 Dr. Jake Fulcher

Dr. Jake belongs to Heyburn, Idaho. From Washington State University, Dr. Jake completed his veterinary degree. Dr. Jake’s veterinary interests include soft-tissue surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Veterinary business management.

6〉 Dr. Kristen Shearer

Dr. Kristen belongs to West Seattle. In 2004 she completed her graduation with a BA in the French language. From the WSU college of veterinary medicine, she completed her veterinary degree.

Dr. Kristen’s veterinary interests include internal medicine, dentistry, and exotics.

7〉 Doctor of Ridgetop Animal Hospital- Emily

In 2018 from Michigan state university college of veterinary medicine Dr. Emily completed her graduation. DR. Emily originally belongs to Grand Rapids, MI.

Dr. Emily’s professional interests include Dentistry, Dermatology, Surgery.


Hiking, Reading, and Boarding

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