Pelican urgent care Picayune ms, Locations, Hours

Pelican Urgent treatment is a member with both the Slidell Memorial, as well as Ochsner memorial. They offer professional and reliable treatment for injuries to the board spectrum and illnesses. Pelican Urgent Care’s highly trained medical professionals can help you manage stomach issues, Fever, Rashes, and many other non-chronic and minor illnesses efficiently and in a cost-effective method.

Pelican urgent care Locations

Pelican urgent care Picayune Ms

2375 Gause Blvd E.

Slidell, LA 70461


Monday to Friday

8 am to 8 pm

Saturday to Sunday

9 am to 5 pm

Pelican urgent care Services

Their services include

Occupational Health

Pelican occupational health totally focuses on the evaluation, prevention, treatment, and resolution of any work-related illness, injuries, and Diseases.

Their occupational health expertise includes emergency medicine, toxicology, orthopedics, and chemical exposure. They focus on prevention and education activities, OSHA medical monitoring compliance.

Acute Work injury medical care

Disability PreventionChemical Exposures
Instant Drug TestingBreath Alcohol TestingDrug & Alcohol Screening
Strains, Sprains & FracturesBurns, Abrasions, and Lacerations
Initial or Post-emergent follow up an occupational injury

Employer Services

Certified DOT & CDL examsCoast Guard Exams
Immunizations, international travelDrug and Alcohol Screening
Respirator Medical Fitness ExaminationsPulmonary Function Tests
OSHA Audiometric

Urgent Care Services

Their urgent care services include

LacerationsSprains, Broken Bones, and fractures needing X-rays
AbscessesUrinary Pain
Cough, Cold and Sore ThroatEaraches
Rashes and other skin irritationsSelect Immunizations
Mind to moderate stomach achsNonlife threatening allergic reactions
EarachesSunburns, Minor Burns, and Heat ailments

Pelican Primary Care

Annual CheckupsImmunizations
Some Chronic Disease management include High Cholesterol, Blood pressure, and High Blood SugarMinor Burns and Injuries
Mild AsthmaMild to Moderate Stomach Aches
Rashes and other skin IrritationsHeadaches
Back PainNonlife threatening allergic reactions

Treatment for Severe and Life-Threatening Conditions

Severe Chest PainLoss of Consciousness
BleedingAllergic Reaction
Asthma attackSudden Vision Loss and Impairment
Head TraumaAbdomen Pain and Dehydration

Pelican urgent care Picayune Ms

1839 Cooper Road, Suite 100

Picayune, MS, 39466

They are the open center from 8 am to 8 pm every day.

In this urgent care patients have to wait for 15 to 30 minutes.

Pelican urgent care Doctors/ Providers

Pelican urgent care Doctors

Their doctor name is

Dr. Gerald A. Cvitanovich

Dr. Gerald is a Chief Strategy Officer in Pelican Urgent Care. In 1982 Gerald completed his bachelor’s degree in biology from Tulane University. He completed his medical school from the LSU Health Science center in New Orleans. Now Dr. Gerald serves as a Chief Strategy Officer, Ochsner urgent care.

Now Dr. Cvitanovich lives in Metairie with his wife and Four Children.


LSU School of Medicine Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital


LSU School of Medicine Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital

Dr. Granville Morse

Dr. Granville grew up in Lakeview and completed his schooling from the St. Plus X. From the Louisiana state university, he completed his graduation. From the Charity Hospital, he completed his residency. Dr. Granville is board certified by the Emergency Medicine.

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