Andrew Place Clinic Hours, Locations, Services & Doctors

From 1971 onward, Andrew Place Clinic nurses and doctors have been providing health services to Bundoora and the surrounding regions. There are only a handful of families that have visited this clinic over the course of four generations. The clinic is operated by four doctors, including Dr. Lisa Mifsud, Dr. Melanie Hemsley, Dr. Eric Tay, Dr. Wendy Bernet, Dr. Melissa Cairns, Dr. Christina Illing.

9 doctors and 6 nurses also work at this clinic. Andrew Place clinic is popular because of its excellent patient care services.

Andrew Place Clinic Locations & Hours

Andrew Place Clinic

They offer services in two locations include

Andrew Place

Bundoora 3083

Ph No- 03 94671444

Fax No- 03 94672398

Bundoora Health

Unit 1A, 445 Grimshaw Street

Bundoora 3083

Ph No- 03 94667211

Fax No- 03 94667398

When you are book an appointment they will inform you which location you have to attend.

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This clinic is open its door almost 6 days a week.

Monday to Thursday8 am to 8 Pm

Friday- 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday- 9 am to 1 Pm

On any public holidays, they only open their door at 3 hours a day from 9 am to 12 Pm.

Andrew Place Clinic Services

They offer services that include

Child HealthFamily Planning
Mental HealthWomen’s Health
Pregnancy CareMen’s Health
PathologyTravel Medicine
Skin Checks & MoleMap ChecksProcedures

Andrew clinic offers some specialized procedures include Ear Syringing, IUD Insertion, Skin tag removal, Mole removal, skin cancer treatment, repair of lacerations, and removal of Sutures.

This clinic also has pathology to collect the ECGs, blood tests, and other tests.

Andrew Place Clinic Doctors

Here we share some information about this clinic all founders & doctors.

1〉 Dr. Wendy Bernet

In 1990, Dr. Wendy joined this clinic. She enjoys all aspects of general practice. She also has an interest in family planning, aged care, and women’s health.

For consultation– Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

2〉 Dr. Eric Tay

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In 1993, Dr. Eric completed his doctor of medicine from the Melbourne University. His area of expertise include

Geriatric Medicine, Removal of Skin Lesions, Complex medicine problems. He also an expert in some chronic health conditions include renal disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

For consultation– Monday to Friday

3〉 Dr. Christina Illing

Since 2014, Dr. Christina worked at this clinic. Her medical interests include Shared care, Women’s health, Preventative health.

For consultation– Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

4〉 Dr. Lisa Mifsud

In 2015, Dr. Lisa returned to the Andrew place after completing her registrar.

She has a particular interest in sexual health and Women’s health. Dr. Lisa worked full time at this clinic. She is a lead supervisor at the Andrew Place Clinic.

Outside of her work she really enjoys traveling, exercising, and enjoying musicals.

5〉 Dr. Melanie Hemsley

Since 2012, Dr. Melanie worked at this clinic. She is one of the managing partners of this clinic.

She also completed her diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as reproductive and sexual health.

For Consultations– Monday, Thursday, and Saturday

6〉 Dr. Melissa Cairns

In 2012, Dr. Melissa joined this clinic as a general practice registrar. She is a general practitioner and really loves her job.

In the media field, she enjoys women’s health and also holds a diploma in Obstetrics. Dr. Melissa also has an interest in minor surgical procedures include removal of skin lesions and Implanon insertions.

You can consult with her on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

To know more information about other doctors you can visit the Official Site.

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