Mayfield Clinic Location, Services, Providers, Mission

Mayfield Clinic is always providing the best neurosurgical care for their patients. They have won hundreds of awards and recognition since they established themselves in 1937, including being named “Best Doctors” by Cincinnati Magazine multiple times over two decades running – not an easy feat!

The innovation center of Mayfield Clinic

Mayfield surgical innovation center is a state of the art training facility for spinal and Cranial surgery and Minimally invasive procedures. The mission of the center is based on a number of successful education and training events by our seasoned team of conference professionals.

Mayfield Chiari Center

Mayfield Chiari center provides specialist diagnosis and treatment of elderly and adolescent patients with Chiari malformation and syringomyelia. Their multidisciplinary team is supported by different super hospitals In the greater  Cincinnati/Northern area.

Spine Surgery Center in Mayfield

The Mayfield surgery center offers same-day surgeries and procedures for the same patients whose spinal problems can be treated without overnight placement. This center contains three operating rooms and a pain procedure suit in a comfortable, Patient-focused environment.

Mayfield education and research foundation

This education and research foundation is an independent, 501c3 non-profit organization that is moving toward the care of patients with brain and spinal cord disorders.

Mayfield Clinic Locations

The locations of Mayfield Clinics are

Mayfield Corporate Office

Mayfield Clinic

3825 Edwards Road- Suite 300

Cincinnati, OH 45209

For contact, you can call– 5132211100 and 8003257787

Mayfield Green Township Office

Mayfield Clinic

6130 Harrison Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45247

For contact– 513.221.1100 and 800.325.7787

Rookwood Exchange-Norwood

Mayfield Clinic

3825 Edwards Road- Suite 300

Cincinnati, OH 45209

Phone call– 513.221.1100 and 800.325.7787

Mayfield Spine Surgery Center

Mayfield Clinic

4020 smith Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

Phone call– 513-619-5899

Thomas More Office Park


350 Thomas More Parkway-Suite 160

Crestview Hills, Kentucky 41017

Phone call– 513.221.1100 and 800.325.7787

Mayfield West Chester

West Chester

9075 Centre Pointe Drive, Suite 200

West Chester, Ohio 45069

Phone call– 513.221.1100 and 800.325.7787

Mayfield Clinic Healthcare Service

Mayfield Clinic provide a treatment likes

Acoustic Neuroma.



Scoliosis, Kyphosis.

Spine Fracture


Parkinson’s Disease & essential tremor

Herniated disc

Spinal cord injury

Carpal Tunnel

Degenerative spine


Head Injury

Chiari, Syringomyelia

Moyamoya Disease

Carotid stenosis, Stroke

Pituitary Tumor

Brain and Spine Tumors

Mayfield Clinic Mission and value

Their main mission is to provide the best neurosurgical care for their patients.

Values are

Excellence: we are committed to the highest level of performance and continuous improvement.

Collaboration: They embrace teamwork, Cooperating, mentoring, sharing of expertise and empowerment.

Integrity: They are committed to honest and ethical conduct in all our endeavors and interactions.

Compassion: They are sensitive and empathetic in all their interactions.

Respect: They are embracing the importance of all individuals and value their diverse backgrounds, skills, and Contributions.

Mayfield Clinic Health care providers

We only mention some healthcare provider’s names. For more, you can visit the official site team section


Arthur  G. Arand, MD

Steven C. Bailey, MD

Robert J. Bohinski, MD, PhD

Vincent A. Dinapoli, MD, Ph D

William D. Tobler, MD

Zachary  J. Tempel, MD

Tann Nichols, MD

Andrew J. Ringer, MD

Consulting Neurosurgeons

Thomas S. Berger, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Marc P. Orlando, MD

Steven S. Wunder.MD

Matthew M. Merz, MD

Robert R. Whitten Jr. MD

Nurse Practitioners

Jody Miniard, DNP

Lauren Gilmore, NP, RNFA

Dana Brown, NP

Kristine Atchley, NP

Scott Basham, NP

Gerald Brown, NP

Physician Assistants

David A. Doyle, PA-C

Angela N. Kramig, PA-C

Kara Mostoller, PA-C

Sean M. Lynch, PA-C

Jessica Fortman, PA-C

Katherine A. Walters, PA-C

Care Coordinators

Katie Perez

Missy Taylor, RN

Kristin Beattie

Jenny Kemme

Jessy Akins

Physical Therapists

Lisa Cleveland, PT

Tammy Bellman, PT

Audra Roden, MPT

Jenna Till, PT, DTP

Megan Connett, PT, DPT

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