Indianapolis Men’s Clinic Address, Hours, Phone Number

Indianapolis Men’s Clinic provides all male healthcare services within all male healthcare services in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. If you’re struggling with any sexual-related issues you should go to this clinic. In the Indiana region they offer the most treatment options of any other clinic and have an 85% success rate in treatment rate. To schedule an appointment, contact 317 999 9000.

Indianapolis Men’s Clinic Address/ Hours

Indianapolis Mens Clinic

The address is

11590 North Meridian Street

Ste. 405 Carmel, IN 46032

Phone Number- 317 999 9000


Indianapolis Men’s Clinic Services

Indianapolis Mens Clinic Services

Their services include

Erectile Dysfunction

It is a condition when a man has difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. About 20% of all men suffer from ED.

Some causes of ED

Sexual Health Injury

Heart Conditions

Psychological Issues

Other Health Conditions

Treatment options for ED



Peyronies Disease

This disease builds up scar tissue on the Penis.

Sign and Symptoms of Peyronies Disease

Curvation develops on the penisA penis may become shorter
soft or painful erectionsNodules on penis

Two Types of Peyronies Disease

Acute Phase (Active Peyronies)

Chronics Phase (Stable Peyronies)

Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone is a condition that develops with age in men. Testosterone is decreased over time but here those people are suffering from LowT, these levels drop prematurely.

LowT sign and Symptoms

Loss of LibidoDepression
Memory LossFatigue and Decreased energy
Hair LossWeight Gain
Muscle LossSleep Apnea
Erectile DysfunctionsIrritable Male Syndrome

Treatment Options

HCG and Hormone Replacement Therapy


The course of treatment encourages your body’s natural process to start producing more testosterone.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

In this process, you will receive a dose of testosterone to supplement the amount you have already produces.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation when your partner ejaculates faster than you want. There are no verified causes for this dysfunction.

Performance anxietyGuilt
Relationship Problems

For man sexual related issues you must choose this clinic because

They have more treatment options

97% Treatment Success Rate

Exclusive PulseED Provider

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