Griffith Animal Hospital Austin Hours, Address, Phone No

Griffith Animal Hospital has been accredited by the AAHA accreditation. This animal hospital uses high-quality treatment and provides high-quality treatment for their pets. The experienced staff of this animal hospital will always strive to establish a an ongoing relationship with their patients.

Griffith Animal Hospital Austin/ Hours

The address is

3407 Northland Dr. (map)

Austin, TX 78731

Phone Number- 512 453 5828

Fax Number- 512 453 5889

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7 am to 6 pm

Saturday & Sunday- Closed

Griffith Animal Hospital Services

Griffith Animal Hospital

They offer quality services to their patients include

Behavioral MedicineDental Care
DermatologyFully Stocked Pharmacy
Wellness ExamsHospice and Euthanasia Services
Nutritional CounselingPain Management
Parasite Prevention and ControlPuppy CareKitten Care
Digital RadiologySenior Care
SurgeryVaccinationsUltrasoundFerret Care

Griffith Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors include

Robert R. Griffith

In 1982 Dr. Robert completed his graduation from Colorado State University. He has 37 years of experience. His hobbies include Skiing, Fly Fishing, and Scuba Diving.

Lynne Boggs

In 1988, Dr. Lynne completed her graduation from Texas A&M Veterinary School. She also completed her master’s from the same university. Dr. Lynne has 31 years of experience in the veterinary field.

Andra Miner

From the Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Andra completed her Veterinary degree in 2000. Dr. Andra’s veterinary interests include Pain Management.


19 years of experience

Deborah Krueger

Dr. Deborah completed her DVM at Oklahoma State University.


Travel, Reading, Music, and Exercise

Dr. Deborah almost 36 years of experience in Veterinary Medicine.

Karen Wheeler

Dr. Karen is a part-time employee at this animal hospital. she works Monday afternoon and Saturday.

She has 28 years of experience in veterinary medicine.

Matthew Slentz

From the Wisconsin school of veterinary medicine, Dr. Matthew completed his DVM. Dr. Matthew’s veterinary interests include Preventive medicine and internal medicine.

Portia Kelly

In 2009, Dr. Kelly completed her DVM from California Davis Veterinary Medicine Program. Now she lived with her husband in Austin.

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