Friendly Urgent Care Lakewood, Teaneck, Locations, Hours

Friendly Urgent Care is the perfect solution for anyone who has had enough of waiting or paying too much at their local emergency room. Friendly’s doctors offer comprehensive care and extensive family medicine, which means you’ll be taken cared of quickly with no long waits.

Friendly Urgent Care Lakewood/Teaneck/ Hours

Friendly Urgent Care Locations

They offer Urgent care services in two locations include

Friendly Urgent Care Lakewood

1091 River Ave

Lakewood, NJ 08701

Phone Number- 732 385 6820

Fax Number- 732 363 1002


Office Hours

Monday to Thursday

8 am to 11 pm

Friday- 8 am to 4 pm

Saturday- 6:30 pm to 12 am

Sunday- 10 am to 10 pm

Friendly Urgent Care Teaneck

1428 Teaneck Road

Teaneck, NJ, 07666

Phone Number- 201 591 1350

Fax Number- 201 357 8912


Office Hours

Sunday to Thursday

8 am to 8 pm

Friday- 8 am to Sundown

Saturday- 1 Hour after Sundown 11:30 pm

Their Services Services

Friendly Urgent Care Hours

They offer services that include

AllergyEnviromental SensitivesBlood TestingLabsCold,FeverFlu
Dermatology related AilmentEar infectionPink EyeEKG
Gastrointestinal IllnessHand, Foot, and Mouth DiseaseIntravenous
LymeTB TestingRespiratory Distressillness
Strep Throat Sinus InfectionUTI
Alcohol ScreeningDrug TestingOccupational Physicals
Bones FracturesBurnsContusions
Insect Bitesor StingsLiceStrainsSprains
Summer Heat ExhaustionImmunizationsFull Department for X-ray
All VaccinationsFlu ShotsWinter Frostbite
Pre-camp PhysicalsSchool Physicals ExamsSporting Physicals

They offer Insurance

They accept insurance the following

AetnaAmerigroup Real Solutions
Health RepublicHorizon NJ Health
Workers CompensationWellcare
Multi Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions

Can an Urgent Care Center replace the emergency Room?

Actually, both use different Purposes. A patient can go to urgent care to receive a non-life-threatening illness include

Sore ThroatEarache
FeverUrinary Tract Infections
Sinus InfectionsPink Eye
Wheezing from AllergyDiarrhea
RashSwollen Gland

Some common injuries are seen by the Urgent Care

 WhiplashInjuries at work
Injuries from FallsInjuries from Car accidents

What Kind of Pediatrics Problems seen by Friendly Urgent Care?

Here are some pediatric problems

FluSports Injuries
FeverSore Throat
Ear InfectionsBronchitis
Stomach AcheCroup

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