Crawford Animal Hospital Greenfield Hours, Address

Crawford Animal Hospital provides high-quality pet care within New Berlin, Greendale, and West Allis or the surrounding region. They’re committed to making sure that every pet is treated with special care and the highest quality of care. For more information about this animal hospital you can contact them at 414-529-3577.

Crawford Animal Hospital Greenfield Hours/ Address

Crawford Animal Hospital Greenfield

The address is

4607 South 108th Street (map)

Greenfield, WI 53228

Phone Number- 414 529 3577

Fax Number- 414 529 3649


Office Hours

Monday & Wednesday

7:30 am to 8 pm

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

7:30 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 1 pm

Sunday- Closed

Crawford Animal Hospital Services

Their services include

Wellness CareSpay & Neuter
Dental CareDermatology
Education & CounselingLaser Therapy
SurgeryEmergency Care


Dog VaccinesCat Vaccines
Canine DistemperFeline Distemper
Canine Influenza
Lyme Disease


They use some following diagnostic tools include

Digital X-ray


Laboratory Testing

Dental Care

They use several steps

Pre-Dental Blood WorkPeriodontal Exams
Digital Dental X-raysProfessional Dental Cleaning
PolishingChecking the Pockets


some of their Diagnostic options include

Allergy Serum testingin-house blood testing
Skin cytologySkin Scraping
Fungal Culture

Most notorious allergens include

Grass, tree, and weed pollensMold Spores
Dust MitesFeathers
DanderCigarette smoke
perfumeCertain Fabrics


Routine Spaying and NeuteringWound debridement
Mass removalForeign body removal
GastropexyBladder surgery
Various eye surgeriesCCL repair
Thyroid Surgery

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can treat the following issues include

Muscle PainLigament Injuries
Back PainSkin Injuries
Post-surgical Pain ManagementLick granulomas
Gingivitismany more

Crawford Animal Hospital Doctors & Staff

Crawford Animal Hospital Greenfield

Their doctors and staff include

Dr. Derek Williamson

From the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Dr. Derek completed his Undergraduate in biology and chemistry.

Veterinary Degree

From the University of Wisconsin in 2003

He practices for almost 12 years in small animal medicine, Surgery.

Dr. Derek’s veterinary interests include ultrasonography, orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Amy Tomcheck, DVM

Dr. Amy completed her bachelor’s in Animal Science from Wisconsin Madison in 2010.

In 2012 Dr. Amy completed her veterinary degree at Ross University and also completed her clinical year at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Amy’s veterinary interests include Preventive medicine, soft-tissue surgery, wound management, and feline medicine.

Dr. Emily Panther, DVM

From Iowa university, Dr. Emily completed her bachelor’s in Biology with a minor in chemistry. Dr. Emily’s veterinary interests include Dermatology cases.

Other staff Include

Jen, Hospital ManagerKara, Veterinary Assistant
Abby, AssistantKatrina, Assistant
Brittany, AssistantMorgan, Veterinary Assistant
Sabrina, Assistant, and CSRAngela, Certified Veterinary Technician
Megan, CVTEmily, CVT
Brittany, CSTMaggie, CSR

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