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Carrell Clinic was established in 1921. Carrell Clinic has excelled in sports medicine and orthopedics, that is admired throughout the globe. The doctors and the whole team at the facility would like to use this opportunity to warmly welcome you. They offer an array of orthopedic services.

Their physicians are proficient in one or more special areas of interest Such as orthopedics, Sports Injuries, Pediatrics, and arthroscopy as well as individual area disorders include Spine, Shoulders, Buttocks, Elbows, Knees Legs and ankles. In this clinic, all physicians are fully trained in general orthopedics and board approved.

Carrell Clinic Locations

1〉 The Carrell Dallas

Carrell Clinic

9301 North Central Expressway

Tower I, Suite 500

Dallas, TX 75231

Ph No- 214 220 2468

Fax No- 469 232 9738

2〉 The Carrell clinic Frisco

Carrell Clinic

3800 Gaylord Parkway

Suite 710

Frisco, TX 75034

Ph No- 214 220 2468

Fax No- 469 232 9738

Carrell Clinic Specialities

Carrell Clinic Specialities
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Their Specialities includes


The clinic hip specialists are highly trained surgeons who provide relief to patients with Hip Pain. Many patients come first and began to experience buttocks pain as somethings that go away. Hip Specialists at Carrel clinic provide a full spectrum of solutions to hip pain, starting with conservative treatments such as physical therapy and medication.


The physicians are fully dedicated to bringing patients with knee conditions back to an active and healthy lifestyle. Their physicians take a conservative approach to include physical therapy and medication for bone and joint problems. Whenever the conservative approach is not an option, their physicians are highly trained in the latest surgical techniques for Knee reconstruction and replacement.


Orthopedic spine specialties at Carrell Clinic provide multi Disciplinary spine care including non-surgical treatments as well as sophisticated spinal surgical services. Before surgery, their physicians will remove all conservative treatment options.


Physicians at this clinic provide the most advance treatments for the detection and treatment of Shoulder Conditions. Their shoulder specialists combine occupational therapy, physical therapy and orthopedic surgery for their patients.


Whenever patients have an injury to the elbow, it is very important to get the right treatment. The physicians of this clinic treat patients who suffer from acute and chronic conditions and they work quickly to get them back in normal functioning.

Foot & Ankle

Carrell Clinic all foot and Ankle physicians are very much trained and treating most severe and complex foot and ankle conditions. Their foot and ankle physicians and orthopedic surgeons are very much trained in the latest surgical techniques.

Sports Medicine

This clinic offers the most comprehensive sports medicine includes diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of Sports Injuries. Carrell sports medicine program treats college, High school, and professional athletes. Carrell Clinic physicians are board-certified, a fellowship-trained specialist in sports medicine. Their physicians take a conservative and comprehensive approach to the treatment of sports injuries which includes Pain management, Diagnosis, Physical Therapy, and surgical interventions.

Pediatric Orthopedics

Carrell clinic has an on of the nest pediatric orthopedic physicians in the Country. Dr. Sackett and his team focusing on caring for muscular problems with children and adolescents. Dr. Sackett is very much committed to providing special needs and adolescents.

Carrell Clinic Services

Carrell services include


Total Hip Replacement

Hip Arthroscopy


Avascular Necrosis

Anterior Hip Replacement


Total Knee replacement

Uni Condylar Knee Replacement

Make Robotic-Arm Assisted Knee Replacement

Arthroscopy of the Knee Joint

Partial Knee Resurfacing

Minimally Invasive Knee Joint Replacement

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears

Meniscus Tear

Osteonecrosis of the Knee

Posterior Cruciate Ligament

Runner Knee

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome


Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Knee Replacement


Cervical Disc Replacement

Treatment Options for Back & Neck Pain

Herniated Disc

Lumbar Discectomy



Osteoporosis of the spine

Spinal Tumors

Spinal Disorders

Spine Trauma

Spinal Injuries

Degenerative Disc Disease

Spinal Deformity


Shoulder Joint Replacement

Biceps Tendonitis of the Shoulder

Shoulder Joint Arthritis

Clavicle Fracture

Shoulder Dislocation

Thermal Capsular Shrinkage

Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder Impingement

Rotate Cuff Tear

Glenoid Laburn Tear

Traumatic Arthritis


Elbow Dislocation

Radial Head Fractures

Tennis Elbow

Elbow Fracture

Rupture of the Biceps Tendon

Forearm Fracture in Children

Elbow Bursitis

Foot/ Ankle

Ankle Sprains

Ankle Fracture


Bunion Surgery

Ankle Instability



Nail Fungus

Nail Care

Heel Pain

Foot Infections

Foot Care

Toe Deformities

Shin Splints

Chronic wound Care

Heel Fracture


Sprains and Strains

Ingrown Toenail

Foot Infection

Morton Neuroma


Arthritis of the Foot & Ankle

Achilles Tendon Bursitis

Ankle Arthroscopy

Sports Medicine


Pediatric Scoliosis

Pediatric Sports-Related Injuries.

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Carrell Clinic Doctors

Their healthcare providers include. For all doctors information Visit the official site

1〉 Dr. Baker Carrell Clinic

Dr. Baker Carrell Clinic

Specialty– Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Area of Interest- Knee & Shoulder Disorder, Sports Injuries, Arthroscopic Surgery

2〉 Dr. Khair Carrell Clinic

Dr. Khair Carrell Clinic

Full Name- Michael Khair, MD

Specialty– Orthopedic Surgeon

Areas of Interest– Knee, Hip, Arthroscopic Surgery, and Shoulder Disorders, Sports Injuries

3〉 Dr. Wayne Burkhead, JR. MD

Dr. Wayne Burkhead, JR. MD

Specialty– Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Area of Interest– Shoulder Replacement, Shoulder Surgery, Shoulder Fractures, Shoulder Sports Injuries

4〉 Dr. Richard Schubert, MD

Dr. Richard Schubert, MD

Specialty– Orthopedic Surgeon

Area of Interest–  Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery

5〉 Dr. Daniel E. Cooper, MD

Dr. Daniel E. Cooper, MD

Specialty– Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Areas of Interest– Sports Injuries, Knee & Shoulder Instability, Arthroscopic Surgery

6〉 Dr. Andrew Dossett, MD

Dr. Andrew Dossett, MD

Specialty– Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Interest– Spine Athletic Injuries, Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar Spine Disorders

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